Tesco Supplier Gateway

Tesco are the UK’s biggest supermarket chain, with nearly 4,000 stores, and over half a million employees.

We came on board to help them streamline their product induction process. We’ve built them an extranet to allow suppliers to capture a rich set of information about new products and send this directly to the right people within Tesco.

It’s an ASP.NET website using a Microsoft SQL Server database to support a large concurrent user base

Tightly integrated with internal Tesco systems using web services and file transfer

To date this system has been used for over two hundred thousand products

Howard Jones - Engage

Looked after building the Android version of Howards multimedia phone app

Howard and his team were able to trigger real time content on his fans devices during the performance of his latest shows. Bringing the audience and artist closer together as they Engage and are part of Howards spectacular performance

HTML5 mobile application with bluetooth integration to allow complex sequences of images and movie slices to be triggered from the stage

The Natural Doctor

Based on Harley Street, The Natural Doctor is a centre of excellence for the very early non-invasive detection of breast cancer.

We’ve provided them with tools to aid their physicians in the analysis of breast thermograms to help them spot the early signs of cancer.

Extensive use of the latest HTML5 web technologies

All The Shoes

How many shoes are in your closet? We’re up to over a million, but fortunately that’s just what we’re tracking in the database we built for

They are the UK’s leading affiliate shoe comparison store, and the systems we’ve built allow them to aggregate and compare 1 million+ items of footwear every single day of the year.

The database runs on Microsoft SQL Server, the integration services on Amazon’s EC2 Cloud Service

We also built them a new website featuring a responsive and scalable web interface to let them target any category of desktop or mobile device with ease

Integration with Amazon, eBay and Google, plus some of the biggest affiliate companies in the world

In 2013 we rolled out the existing UK version into the US market. A market which continues to do better and better

Machynlleth Comedy Festival

​Based in mid-Wales, this tiny comedy festival has grown enough to boast some of the UK’s biggest names in stand up-comedy - Rhod Gilbert, Stewart Lee, Sarah Millican

We’ve built them a show listings app to complement their existing printed programmes. No more paper cuts is only the start.

Cross platform, built with Javascript and Phonegap

Real time show updates thanks to close integration with a third party ticketing system

Aberystwyth Comedy Festival

An annual comedy festival in Aberystwyth on the first weekend in October. From the people behind Machynlleth Comedy Festival