Consultancy to gather client requirements and produce a detailed product specification

Software Development services to take a specification through design, development and then testing

Effective handover to the client, with services including software documentation, user manuals and staff training.

A range of support services to ensure you get the best from your software for its entire lifespan.

Our database design and development services can ensure you make the best use of your data. On top of this we also provide solid processes for data migration and integration, as well as data cleansing.


Devfusion will help plan, design and implement purpose-built applications that are fully integrated within your IT environment.

We will identify what functionality is required to make your employees more efficient and increase your levels of businesses productivity and customer service.

Time and again we have delivered functionality and tools demanded by our customers and partners using a manageable and flexible process.

We can agree a fixed price contract, or work on a time and materials basis - whatever suits you best

The world of technology moves incredibly quickly. We strive to keep up with the latest tools and technologies, to ensure that you can always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Our solutions evolve with your business, eliminating the friction and cost caused by off-the-shelf software implementation.


Global Data Synchronisation - we’ve been through the pain, so you don’t have to

We were part of a team that designed and built a GDSN certified data pool in 3 months

These days we specialise in helping suppliers and retailers connect inhouse computer systems to the thorny world of GDSN

Detailed understanding of the affiliate marketplace, including eBay, Amazon and Google.

We understand how the retail supply chain works. Throw in words such as mixed mod, pallet, display shipper or even the dreaded variant and you’ll know from the slight look of fear that we know what you’re talking about.


Databases - Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, MySql

Javascript - Angular, Knockout, jQuery mobile, Bootstrap

.NET - Enterprise Library, Entity Framework, Linq to Sql, MVC

Server - Windows Services, Web Services, Data Services, Membury Services

Native Android Development, cross platform mobile apps with Phonegap and PhoneJS.